Bonanza Restaurant - "Our" Bonanza steak place was located in Danville, VA.

Bonanza – a Marquette Classic

There was a Bonanza steak house in Livonia. Every time my Dad wanted to take us there, they had usually closed for the night. His nick name for them was "P on 'em".

Ridgewood Barbecue, Bluff City, TN

Ridgewood Barbecue, Bluff City, TN Recently named Best BBQ joint in Tennessee

Bonnie Kate Theatre is an icon of downtown Elizabethton. Known for its rocking chairs and having only two screens, the theater has been showing films for as long as I can remember. On the other hand, the café, located adjacent to the lobby, is rather new.  The dining room has a warm bistro feel, making it an ideal place for breakfast or lunch, which is all they serve, except for the upscale dinner on Friday evenings. I was told that they may be opening Saturday nights soon.

Bonnie Kate Theatre is an icon of downtown Elizabethton. A Friday night ritual while growing up there.

Covered Bridge, Elizabethton TN

Covered Bridge, Elizabethton TN

hecks department store - Google Search

Signs of the time. How many stores do you remember from days gone by? Heck's one time big in the state of Wv and possibly a few others. Now the major player of retail stores is probably Walmart.