This is me

It's called being "Hangry". Hunger leads to Anger which leads to Hangry.

That's great!

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I'm not anti-social. I'm selectively social. VERY selective.

This is so me!!

It's called being "Hangry". Hunger leads to Anger which leads to Hangry.

LOL... it's only funny cause its TRUE!

I am too good for Walmart, and I love Target. Classier people shop at Target.

Funny Family Ecard: I don't know what's scarier - that my daughter is starting to act like me or that I am starting to act like my mother.that my daughter is starting to act like my mother!

Gees...I am a total introvert...hahah, yeah, love my friends but sometimes, I'm good doing nothing.

I love the feeling you get. when someone cancels plans that you didn't want to have in the first place. So true!

We must be doing something right!

So true! I recently had a conference with a mom who said straight out, "Im a bad mom" but her kid is amazing. Behind every amazing kid there's an amazing mom, I just wish we would all give ourselves credit for it

Retail Robin - Work in retail straighten up any store you ever go in

everyone should work retail just once to learn how difficult people can be/ respect your retail workers! The customers are the hardest part of the job. -_- *also, just smile with "dead" eyes, it gets them every time.


"That time you realize your kids are in bed sleeping yet you've been watching the Disney Channel for the past hour by yourself.

walmart vs. target

My Favorite Your E-Cards

its true (not for me) I hate target its a bunch of people thinking they're better than you because they arent shopping at walmart. get over yourselves its target.


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First day of fall = Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Gotta love it. :-) I love pumpkin spice lattes!

channing tatum

replace channing tatum with Robert Downey Jr

My sister says that about her over weight dog :)

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