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Lacey Rebecca

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Lacey Rebecca
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10 years into the career, and i've no idea what a social life is that isn't going out with the teams i've spent all day strapping and fixing!

My social life always involves other athletic trainers, coaches, or my amazing students.

that's pretty simple!

I was raised by this saying. Never let anyone who can't even support their own family and lies about heir own life events to trthemselves feel better about their own pathetic life tell you anything about yourself or your family.

Funny Workplace Ecard: What's the American dream? To work in sweatpants.

A better way to explain it to those chatting on the phone, joking around, self-transferring 12 out of 10 pain patients.

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so me

If you are not already back in school (consider yourself one of the lucky ones), you will be soon. Second, here are some laugh-out-loud funny back-to-school memes to help make thi

Sports Medicine

Ever since my school's athletic trainer helped me finish my season without an ACL, I admired what he did so much that I want to make a career out of helping people the same way he helped me