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2pcs Pink Lotus temporary tattoo fake tattoo body art small tattoo Chinese Style tattoo


2pcs Pink Lotus temporary tattoo fake tattoo by MaomaoCreation

Lotus tattoo by kshandor on deviantART

My favorite tattoo!!! It's my running girl stick figure and the heart symbolizes my love for running with the 26.2. I got this right after I finished my first marathon :)

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Lacey Wade

My Hermes’ Wings. One on the outside of each leg done by Scooter Farhberger, owner and artist at Flat Black Tattoo in Moundhous, NV. Eh. I’ve seen a couple of Hermes tattoos (I think they’re pretty clever) and the abstraction was a good idea, but they don’t read as wings so much as they read as cute swirls. Because tribal is so common around the ankles, more people might get this confused with that than think they’re wings. But those little lines are nice and soli

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