Whose Smile? Preschool Homemade Photo Book  For me I'm going to create it but have more  of a feelings book with flaps. To teach words like sad, happy, scared, surprised. Then have different faces of people my son knows

Whose Smile? Preschool Homemade Photo Book

Whose Smile? Homemade Preschool Photo Book - Take photos of family & friends' smiles for a recognition game.

Fiesta de cumpleaños temática-espía-agente.

Spy / Birthday "Secret Agent Birthday"

A Secret Agent birthday party for a little boy who wants to by a spy with an awesome backdrop!

Ink chromatography - a detective might use this if someone illegally changed the dollar amount written on a check or wrote a ransom note. You will need two different pens. Use two paper towels or coffee filter strips about 1-inch wide. Draw a dot on each paper with the pens. Make note of which pen you used for each paper. Place the paper in a cup of water with the dot just above the water line. As the water soaks up through the paper, you will see a distinctive pattern for each pen.

Detective Science Experiments for Kids

I like the idea of the type of pen listed beneath its spot in Hank's drawer. Along with fish food, of course. Or the pen squiggle of a fish in front of the food.

Love this mugshot photo booth

A Vintage Case-Solving Detective Party

Annual Pack Campout??? Spy/CSI (Cub Scout Investigators) Annual Pack Campout-- Spy Games

James Bond 007 Birthday Party

if I ever do another spy party:) some neat ideas for invites (include the spy glasses in invites) and decor/games. I think the silhoutes might be fun for some nerf gun practice (sticky bullets maybe?) Now to find some cheap nerf guns for favors

detective- detective El detective recoge pistas.

Birthday party ideas: Detective theme

Autumn Nature Activity - Leaf Detectives! #kids #nature

Autumn Nature Activity - Leaf Detectives

Guess Who: Movement- Nature Leaf Detectives, trying to match the leaf to the tree- for older students. Good to get out of the classroom and still be detectives!

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Do your kids like reading mystery books? Here are my top 5 mystery series for young kids that they will love.