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Easter Egg Bunny Money Printable - Something Fun to Fill Your Eggs

This Easter Egg Bunny Money Printable makes coupons for fun treats like a movie night, skipping chores, and breakfast for dinner to hide in plastic eggs.

Ostara was a mother goddess of Northern Europe who was honored as the bringer of the dawn and of the springtime. One of the myths of Ostara features the bunny. As the story goes, Ostara, was late bringing spring one year. As her energy swooped across the land, she came upon a little bird whose wings had been frozen in the snow. Filled with compassion for him since he could no longer fly, she turned him into a snow hare and gave him the gift of incredible speed, to flee from the hunters.

1. Buy some "magic" Jelly Beans 2. Plant them in your yard- this only works the night before Easter (wink wink) 3. The next morning go out and see what grew (large Lollipops!) follow link to pics