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IHWO LOW Oct 2014 - The Changing FACE of Cambridge Exams by David Petrie, IH Coimbra
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KAHOOT tutorial in italiano
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Flipping the Classroom Infographic - e-Learning Infographics
New technology is opening new doors in classrooms all over the world as more teachers are using a flipped classroom approach to deliver the...
a black and yellow poster with the words cornel notes
Revisiting Cornell Notes: An Effective Note Taking Method
Before you say to yourself “yes I know know this stuff already” and right off this post as another, “we should all use Cornell Notes”, take the time to consider the followin…
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CommonLit | Free Online Reading Passages and Literacy Resources
Teaching a dystopian novel in class this year? Pair it with a relevant text from CommonLit's collection to get kids talking about justice, equality, truth, and social responsibility.
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Critical Thinking
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Teaching Supplies for sale | eBay
Questions: Building the Foundation for Critical Thinking
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Trading Card: Turn your photos into trading cards!
Ever wanted to honor and immortalize someone you love? Turn them into a trading card!
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Enough with the Teacher Talk- Ideas for Getting More Student Talk
Teachers dominate classroom talk speaking anywhere between 60% to 75% of the time. That means in an average 45 minute English class, the teacher may lead the conversation an average of 27 to 33 minutes, leaving little time for most students to speak. Here are 10 ways to change that in your classroom.
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11 Annoying Things People Say About Teaching