Léa>crevette Clavereau

Léa>crevette Clavereau

Léa>crevette Clavereau
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- Margaux Motin

A Girls Life; Learning to love, not loathe, the "endless" cycle of life! Art by Margaux Motin.

Mama monster!! - Margaux Motin

- Dad, there is a monster - Monsters don't exist, baby ! they do ! / By Margaux Motin

Pour des matins qui chantent

Pour des matins qui chantent "And if thou hast noted that I had put two panties, bravo, you're obviously more awake than I was morning.

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Les trouvailles dInternet pour bien commencer la semaine #198

Usually when most of us are bored in a class room we tend to doodle on our notebook. It's a very common thing to do, but did you know that not all notebook doodle art are the