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Video and photos on how to do a stretchy Icelandic Bind Off. Perfect for a large garment or garter stitch edging.

For most projects, doing a basic bind off is fine, but some projects require a special bind off. I will never forget a scarf I made many years ago where I did a basic bind off. To my horro…

Be Kind

Be Kind. LC: Don't know a thing about the site but I do love this, the design, the lettering, the colors, but most of all the message.

I like the use of negative space in this image to best convey the idea behind it. Not to mention it makes the text look interesting.

This is an example of a graphic design that uses negative space. Negative space is the space that surrounds an object inf an image. Negative space is also used to create balance to a composition.


Graphic design by Don Ervin, USA the first two Hundred Years, Traveling Exhibition by the American Revolution Bicentennial.

Knitting pattern for Pinkerton Shawl

Knitting pattern for Pinkerton Shawl