Blue storefront

Aesop Tiquetonne by Ciguë - okay, I know this is an Aesop store but I would mind the facade of my house being this dreamy blue.


Beautiful combination of differently shaped doors.IH This could be a front entrance / courtyard behind a big wall or perhaps a rear patio.

flower shop

We can all learn from Parisian flower shops. Make your shop inviting, always have fresh flowers on your doorstep. Oh, and smile and dazzle your customers with your bouquets. They have amazing photos of their biz, too.

Bageriet Swedish Café & Bakery @ Covent Garden, London

Bageriet Swedish Café & Bakery @ Covent Garden, London The blocked in lower section of the window on the right hand side would be beneficial for cinema club.

pot + pantry, san francisco. photograph by amy tremper and ben tremper.

Hand-painted windows of Pot & Pantry (San Francisco kitchen supplies boutique)

Pretty storefront

~I like the inviting awning ~I like a little greenery, it seems to say "natural and earthy" WHITE


An oh so tempting bookstores in Paris. Exploring the little side streets in search of treasures in Paris!

French chocolatier founded in 1761.

Meert Paris, Chocolaterie - Confiserie for gaufres, 16 rue Elzevir 75003 and 3 rue Jacques Callot 75006

The Ship, Hart Street, London

howieguja: The Ship, Hart Street, by Howie Guja Great little pub in the City, good real ale too.


This striped black and white awning coupled with the planters and windows .for side front entrance