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Homemade Confetti Bowl Tutorial

DIY Projects You May Love:10 DIY Ideas for Your Home - Pretty Designs

craziest at-home experiment WE ever did: microwaved Ivory soap and made our own soap molds. . . have you tried it?!

soap dough, soap molds, crazy cool fun with soap - teach mama

Ivory Soap Explosion with a Twist - Have you ever put a bar of Ivory soap in the microwave to see what happens? The results are amazing. After watching the Ivory soap grow break it apart for a fun sensory experience. For an added sensory element make it GLOW!

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Rainbow Clean Mud - toilet paper, ivory soap bar-shaved or lux soap flakes, crayola finger paints, water

Rainbow Clean Mud - FSPDT

Welcome to the Saturday Science Blog Hop & Link Up co-hosted by Little Bins for Little Hands, Lemon Lime Adventures, Suzy Homeschooler, The Joys of Boys, The Usual Mayhem and yours truly. Last week Caden some play with cranberries lead … Continue reading →

The Science Behind Cranberries - Stir The Wonder

ivory soap in the microwave. Click here to see what happens!! Perfect for science 7 heat and temperature as well as Chem 20 for Charles' Law

ivory soap experiment (ptoe, oxygen) - 5 orange potatoes

This is MY version of Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent. I played around with different ones on the internet for a long while until I finally just experimented with my own version, & ended up liking it SO much better than any other homemade detergent I've ever tried. Fast forward 4 years & this is STILL the only one I make, and I've even converted a ton of my friends over to it too. LESS THAN $2 FOR 5 GALLONS!

Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent, Less than $2 for 5 Gallons!

Webelos Scientist - Science Belt Loop Soap Science Experiment - microwave ivory soap and see what happens compared to another type or brand.

15 Simple Science Projects For Kids

Fluffy Bathtub Paint - Here's what to make after you've tried the "microwave a bar of ivory soap" experiment.

Fluffy Bathtub Paint

Ivory Soap Slime Science Sensory Play Recipe

Soap Slime Recipe Ivory Soap Experiment Microwave

IVORY SOAP (microwave) EXPERIMENT! Watch a bar of soap expand to 6 times its size in a minute and a half! - Happy Hooligans

Ivory Soap Microwave Experiment - Happy Hooligans

Sharpie pen wine glass painting.

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"Sage Iris Form" Art Glass Vessel Created by Kenny Pieper

Sage Iris Form: Kenny Pieper: Art Glass Vessel | Artful Home

pretty excited about this! Hand-Painted Glass Crafts

Hand-Painted Glass Crafts

cute. Bridesmaid champagne glasses 7 Personalized by WaterfallDesigns, $84.00

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GOOD IDEA: Use a marker that can write on glass, such as a Sharpie pen, to draw on bulbs. The bulb will look pretty, plus it will make patterns on the wall when the light is on.

عکس های رنگی : 7 ایده استفاده از لامپ های سوخته - رنگی رنگی

painted style: How to write/paint on glass tutorial...the easy way

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These are not dishwasher safe unless you use the oil based Sharpies that are made for writing on glass or porcelain. Good and Messy DIY Sharpie Mug Cute idea. Use your imagination. Lots more ideas out there too.

sharpie | Good & Messy

I downloaded the Vintage images from Graphics Fairy to and then printed them in the size that I needed for each window. I t...

Ava Blake Creations: Vintage Windows And How To Decorate Them!

DIY - Tracing On Glass -Tutorial trace mermaid on glass. Check out Graphics Fairy.

DIY - Tracing On Glass -Tutorial

4855512072272579 Decorated Vases (Sharpie Paint Markers) | Butterfly Kisses

Add a Pop of Color to Your Glassware!

Tutorial- Tie Dye with Sharpie Markers! LOVE!!!

Faerie * Dust * Dreams: How to Tie Dye with Sharpie Markers!

{Personalized scribble shirts} these would be great activity for a kids party!

Aesthetic Nest: Craft: Scribble Initial T-Shirt (Tutorial)

Melted Plastic Cup Ornaments- we made these when I was in preschool and I always wanted to try them!!

Chipper Crafts: 7 Recycled Christmas Crafts for Kids

Solo Cup & Sharpies Chihuly Project - Cheap, fun, cool, connected to "real" artist

Chihuly-Inspired Cups Project - Artchoo!