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They make an appliance for everything these days! And Dave has one! HA! #homemakerhaywood

Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes - Annie Lyrics

First order of business in Ireland!!!! We're finally here!!!! - dave

Lady Antebellum - Google+
  • Holly Tugman
    Holly Tugman


  • Lia Kulla
    Lia Kulla


  • Koral Griggs
    Koral Griggs

    first thing I did in Ireland, just after sayin top o' the mornin' to ye!

Happy 30th birthday to Dave Haywood! #ladya #birthday

Lady Antebellum - Google+

Happy 30th birthday to Dave Haywood! #ladya #birthday

Dave & Kelli tied the knot!

  • Barbara Sheltraw
    Barbara Sheltraw

    Cute dress.

  • Jessica Seifert
    Jessica Seifert

    :( How can he marry me if he's already married? *sniff*

  • Amanda Houser
    Amanda Houser

    Courtney Houser... Looks like Dave is hitched now too!

  • Faith Chang ♡
    Faith Chang ♡

    abolsolutely stunning

  • Janelle McIntosh
    Janelle McIntosh

    so cute ♥

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes. Love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes
  • Sarah Floyd
    Sarah Floyd

    I made these! They are really good.

beautiful song I love it "Oklahoma Sky" her new album.

  • Nancy Downing
    Nancy Downing

    Omigosh! Thanks for sharing! I had not heard this Miranda Lambert song yet! Love it!

  • Monique Coro
    Monique Coro

    OMgosh! Thank you for sharing this! When was this post? I love it

  • summer gripp
    summer gripp

    i love it she sounds so good. pure and sweet i love this song

  • summer gripp
    summer gripp

    love it

Go Dawgs!

Sour Patch Kids. Great commercials too.


  • Jillian Delbridge
    Jillian Delbridge

    is it sad that I know every word to "Biscuits and Gravy" and sing it every time we go to WH?? please say no...

  • Kayla Elizabeth France
    Kayla Elizabeth France

    I do, too! hahahaha :)

Almond Breeze - Almond Milk

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  • Morgan Renee
    Morgan Renee

    the best cereal there is!

Apple TV


All Saints - Leather Jacket

Snow Skiing

Ski Equipment, Skiing Tips & Ski Vacation | Snowlink
  • SnowSports Industries America
    SnowSports Industries America

    Nice one! Stoked for the season?

Gibson Guitars

  • Dusty Murphy
    Dusty Murphy

    If I could afford one dream guitar, I'd buy a red Gibson J-200 like yours. Was it a custom instrument? I've never seen a red one before, but it sure does look cool.