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More like this: tunic pattern, vikings and medieval clothing.

SCA - Patterns

Flat draft a period bodice!

Saree blouse instructions

Pattern for the Greenland gown.

Cotehardies from Greenland Gowns - Constructing the Garment - Dame Helen's Library. A series of pages going through the steps of making a cotehardie.

Marcele de Montsegur's "lite tutorial" on GFDs.

14th c. gown tutorial. These are the instructions I use to make supportive kirtles. I have tried many other tutorials but I got the absolute best results from this one.

1330 AD Cotehardie. Good instructions for making a sleeve sloper and can be adapted to make a modern dress too.

Kirtle tutorial, including pattern, lacing, fitting, and finishing tips. This links to the last page (where there was a photo of a kirtle), so follow the links at the top of the text to get to the other sections.

Archeological Sewing - Medieval

gomlek/kamis pattern

What is a thoub? A thoub (pronounced thaa-wb) is the traditional Palestinian dress, full and with long sleeves, characterized by colorful embroidery on the chest, arm, or hem areas. Modern thoubs are said to be a mix of Roman, Greek, Coptic, Byzantine and Arab styles - all cultures which, at some time, predominated in historic Palestine. Thoubs could have over 20 sections, depending on the regional style. The Bethlehem dress was the most complex with 25 pieces, the Ramallah dress had 21 piece...

How to Make a Renaissance Hat

Lengberg Castle brassiere with pattern diagram - 14th Century Women's Clothing - Making a Kirtle using rectangular construction. Gorgeous result, minimal fabric waste, lots of pictures, and very thoroughly explained! Picture here shows eyelet layout for spiral lacing.

This is a neat diagram showing the different ways you can change a simple sleeve and add gathers.

Great site for patterns