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Nice teak and wood.looks like the plastiteak is adorning this deck!

Polar Bear | Most Beautiful Pages ~ Love how blue the water and ice is.

A Polar Bear clinging precariously to a tiny piece of floating ice, photo by Carla Lombardo Ehrlich for WWF This just makes me sad

This scarab beetle ring is cast in brass from a vintage 1920s Art Deco / Egyptian Revival ring. The scarab beetle was the most important amulet worn by ancient Egyptians, and is traditionally worn for protection and good luck.

Scarab Jewelry - Art Deco Egyptian Revival Scarab Ring - Brass - Handmade by Sirius Lux

Ralph Lauren ~Western/Boho-SR

LOVE the skirt-- Ralph Lauren - fringe on earthtone fabrics -- leave it to RL ~ superior Western Flair!