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a complete life of utter and glorious intimacy (btw just 4 U)

Our founding fathers...

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50 AMAZING verses to write around your home!

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Christian Pictures

never alone...

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~ Jesus, is the Light of the World!! ~

Encouragement - Timeline Photos

Rockstars - 'cause that's how we roll! (Catholic Church eye candy)

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Pretty rosaries.

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Praying for everyone following & onlooking this prayer board. Lord, please be with each one, drawing us all closer to You & Your Word. Lord, open our eyes to Your plans & purposes for our lives & us following what You have for us. Lord put Your hand of protection over each one ~ blessing each person. Thank You God! Amen!

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Bono’s NAACP Speech quote: God is in the slums...

Spiritual Inspiration

Billy Graham Tells Voters:Stand up for Religious Freedom...Click on photo to read more...Please vote on Nov 6th and Vote Biblical Values and PRAY that we remain one Nation Under GOD...

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JOHN 16:33 ~ Jesus has overcome the world!

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I am still on the Potter's wheel...

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<3 Just Pray

Just Pray Fine-Art Print by John Sliney at

Cast your cares on God because He cares for us

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a nudge

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Micah 7:7 Therefore I will look unto the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation: my God will hear me.

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God's grace...

Scripture Sunday... | Walking on Sunshine

lantern, velvet daybed and old religious #BedRoom #Bed Room #bedroom decor #bedroom design|

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"I am an imperfect person loved by a perfect God." # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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For those of you who thank God for his unconditional love and support, I ask to you- do you love others as God loves you? Think about this as you turn your nose at civil unions, or unemployment benefits, or equal pay for equal work, or people of other cultures living in "your" country, or the homeless person you yell at to "get a job". Just stop and think about what would happen if God did not love you unconditionally & you may understand how someone being discriminated against might feel.

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"and give us this day our daily bread..."

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Coral garden, underwater fauna posing as flora (well some of it s flora, but not as much)

Chele Belle's Lair: Gateway to the Lepidopteran id