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Flowing City Maps Imagine the Influence of Cities on the Environment

The Most Famous Book Set in Each State | Mental Floss

Hand made Fairmount Park map

US Economic activity, split in half Alexandr Trubetskoy

Book Map

American ancestry by county

If countries’ populations matched their size

The American Nations Today, Colin Woodward

Map Of New York and Vicinity. Published By M. Dripps, New York. 1863.

How Earth's coastlines would look if all ice melted

United States Devil Map, Jonathan Hull

Washington DC

Stanford's ORBIS is a geospatial network model of the Roman wold.

Geographies of Time (NYC, weekdays)

Five Boroughs: Building Age NYC

Interactive Maps Compare 19th Century American Cities to Today

Which Americans Have the Longest Drive to the Grocery Store?

"Southern France Including Corsica; Handbook for Travellers" by Karl Baedeker. Sixth Revised Edition. Leipzig, Karl Baedeker; New York, C. Scribner's Sons, 1914

Rivers in the Contiguous United States

The Only 22 Countries in the World Britain Has Not Invaded (not shown: Sao Tome and Principe)

Pirro Ligorio, Anteiquae urbis imago, Lossi reprint, 1773. Map in 12 parts of Ancient Rome recreated by Ligorio from his knowledge of ancient reliefs

geological and palaeontological map of the british islands, 1854.

Manhattan building heights

Detail of Yellowstone National Park, 1910 Map