Herb Rock Garden garden

If you are not familiar with th ese, you are probably wondering, "What in the world is an herb spiral garden?" It is a type of her b garden that allows you to: Grow more plants in a smaller space. Grow herbs according to their needs and in varying soil.


Clarington Forge Spades & Forks - source Anything from here is on my wish list!

A single length of sterling silver coils around the finger as randomly as a vine around a tree. Hammered surfaces mark the beginning and end points. Handcrafted exclusively for Sundance in whole sizes 5 to 10. 3/4W. garden

repurposed barbed wire into art at thedustyraven's shop on etsy, featuring The Twisted Art of Dan Towell. This piece is called Spirals Galore Barbed Wire Spirilian Trellis.