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We don’t all have the time or energy to whip up watercolour splotches and splashes when its just what our project needs…so here in a handy pack of over 80 items, you should find what you - Amazing Interior Design

Salt on watercolors.

DIY Watercolor Texture Techniques from hatefueled on Deviant Art here.Top to bottom: alcohol, salt, blotting, stencils/erasing, sandpaper and wax. You can go to the link for more on each technique.

More Canvas Painting Ideas (29)

30 More Canvas Painting Ideas

The world of art is so vast and more importantly so fluid that you will find that any canvas painting ideas you have no matter how new, will soon find a place in this lovely world.

Tree Rings--telling our stories

My Years, in Tree Rings - would be great as a poem in our art/poetry books. I would also love this in conjunction with a timeline project. Doing the timeline first might help kids be successful with this.

aquarela+doodles: the thicker the watercolor + the less water you use, the better. make simple shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, etc). once dry, make doodles and drawings outlining the shapes with black pen. use white pen for details (balls, hearts, circles, etc). you can use this as a doodle by itself orrr turn it into a background for a scrapbook pg or art jounral (see:

StarEsStar posted Smash Book Doodle Ideas: Make simple shapes (circles, squares, rectangles, etc). Once dry, make doodles and drawings outlining the shapes with black pen. to their -doodles- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

How to sharpen a colored pencil. This is life changing. Seriously.

Several ways to sharpen a colored pencil! the colored pencil in one hand and the pencil sharpener in the other hand, and then turn the pencil sharpener, while holding the colored pencil still.

Flower Drawings on Watercolor Backgrounds (Spring Art Project for Kids)~

Spring Art Projects: Flowers on Watercolor Background

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