Enjoying every moment.

Enjoy every single moment The good the bad the beautiful the ugly the inspiring the not so glamorous moments and thank God through it .

After all - it is what it is!!!

Way to funny, someone else titled this "Famous family quote" I thought it was appropriate.

What every mother knows...

A mom ~ **How True! ~ It's a life long job, because even though our kids are all grown and living on their own Married with 2 children) I still fulfill several of these jobs & truth be told LOVE it! It's good to know I'll always be needed**


the joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until the children are in bed. too true:)

Whimsy #horoscope #cancer

Zodiac Art Print Cancer Archival Giclee Art by PaperRamma. I'm not sure about being creative lol my creative juices seemed to have been given to someone else.

Haha I'm not that bad!

So true but my iPod not phone! The only time I actually get on my laptop is when I'm loading pictures

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I need this!

Wonder Woman Apron

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be proud of your stripes.

Stretch marks from pregnancy: your body is not ruined, you are a tiger who earned her stripes, inspirational quotes


this is so true, but its my Brothers have the best sister in the world. no big deal!


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