Relying on God is like relying on air—it's breath by breath, moment by moment... "Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done." —C.S. Lewis

I pray you are healed Luke and that you are happy. I pray that you know you are loved by your family and friends and most of all by your parents and your children. We all love you so much, Love Mom

I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS!! I get weary by the sin that so easily besets me. Things other may consider so small, but I know ky Lord wants me to purge myself of. I need to remember His love in this sanctification process. You should too. ♡ (C.S. Lewis)

7 things happy people do every day

Sleep in peace tonight God is bigger than anything you will face tomorrow faith quote Dave Willis Whispers hit at night when I cant drown my fears with tasks or distractions. I need to remember that God's grace and love cover me.

Oh to grace how great a debtor Daily I’m constrained to be Let your goodness like a fetter Bind my wandering heart to thee Prone to wander, Lord I feel it Prone to leave the God I love Here’s my heart Lord, Take and seal it Seal it for thy courts above!

Dearest Angela, Lamentations are among my favorite Bible verses. To me, these verses talk about second chances. Every day is a new day. We always have another chance.