This. Is. Awesome.

The most expected sequel…

Katniss face is like man this is awkward.peeta face is like don't look oh gosh don't look.and the older guys face is like far the most funniest part in the movie.

Lara Croft with her bow and arrow, from the Lara Croft Reborn game; where to put Lara? I could put her with supers - which is where a lot of comics/games characters are.but this pic looked good for an apocalyptic setting.


I think she committed suicide because look who she was up against. Cato and Thresh were strong male competitors. She never she could never beat the star crossed lovers either, so she decided to take her own life. (Never thought of it like this)

Peeta and Katniss

The most accuated picture of Peeta and Katniss in the book. They were both skinny. Katniss went deaf and Peeta lost his leg.

Hunger Games Fan Art / Katniss / Peeta / Prim

Peeta, Katniss and Prim by ~Nani-Mi on deviantART. aww, I love prequel stuff. so cute.