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Medieval / SCA Clothing Patterns & Tutorials

Medieval / SCA Clothing Patterns & Tutorials

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Rus Pants Tutorial!

Dagorhir Discussion Forums -Rus Pants Tutorial!

How to Make Decorative Frogs - Jane Austen Centre

How to Make Decorative Frogs | Jane Austen Centre

How to make a corset, including using heavy-duty zip ties for the boning. (Brilliant! Stiff yet flexible both front-to-back and side-to-side, holds up well, cheap & readily available!)

Romantic History Historical Clothing: 18th Century Stays
  • Mary Wade
    Mary Wade

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Covered grommets

The Merry Dressmaker: Summer Stuff!

Mamluk boot pattern

Skjoldehamn tunic seams finishing

Cosplay Boothttp:/...

Leather Boot Tutorial by HarmonicCosplay on deviantART

Pieter J. Pierot Viking Age Costume Guide

Wydawnictwo TRIGLAV - Zapowiedzi

clothing, make your own

Medieval pattern for workers

Medieval clothing

How to Make a Hooded Cape - I just made this in less than 30min, so easy! Could use a little tweaking to make it fit better

How to Make a Cape

Awesome tutorials for making medieval clothing. Good basic techniques too for leather and embellishment techniques.

kampfrau | Katafalk - Cathrin Åhlén
  • Shirley Deming
    Shirley Deming

    A lot of new techniques for me to try, someday.

tunic pattern

Shoe school 101 | Wren*Feathers

What did people wear in Viking-age Ireland?

The Irish leine.

An Léine a Chumadh: Constructing the Irish Shirt

Figure 3: draw the leg pattern

Making a Pair of Thorsbjerg Trousers

my viking apron dress pattern

Sleeved waistcoat pattern

Sideless Surcote- great instructions


Scandinavian / Viking/Rus/Varangian Trousers - Pasbyxor

turnshoe - medieval boot pattern

Historical Shoe Designs/Number 25