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Medieval / SCA Clothing Patterns & Tutorials

Medieval / SCA Clothing Patterns & Tutorials

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Puff sleeve tutorial just in case you want to sew a pretty chiffon dress or blouse to look the alice way or add them to an existing garment team up with the peter pan collar tutorial on this board,cant sew yourself get mum to do it...make the looks if you cant find them

sleeves | Dressmaker's Curve

Persian Boots

Historical Shoe Designs/Number 44

Rus Pants Tutorial!

Dagorhir Discussion Forums -Rus Pants Tutorial!

How to Make Decorative Frogs - Jane Austen Centre

How to Make Decorative Frogs | Jane Austen Centre

How to make a corset, including using heavy-duty zip ties for the boning. (Brilliant! Stiff yet flexible both front-to-back and side-to-side, holds up well, cheap & readily available!)

Romantic History Historical Clothing: 18th Century Stays

Covered grommets

The Merry Dressmaker: Summer Stuff!

Mamluk boot pattern

Skjoldehamn tunic seams finishing

Cosplay Boothttp:/...

Leather Boot Tutorial by HarmonicCosplay on deviantART

Pieter J. Pierot Viking Age Costume Guide

Wydawnictwo TRIGLAV - Zapowiedzi

clothing, make your own

Medieval pattern for workers

Medieval clothing

How to Make a Hooded Cape - I just made this in less than 30min, so easy! Could use a little tweaking to make it fit better

How to Make a Cape

Awesome tutorials for making medieval clothing. Good basic techniques too for leather and embellishment techniques.

kampfrau | Katafalk - Cathrin Åhlén

tunic pattern

Shoe school 101 | Wren*Feathers

What did people wear in Viking-age Ireland?

The Irish leine.

An Léine a Chumadh: Constructing the Irish Shirt

Figure 3: draw the leg pattern

Making a Pair of Thorsbjerg Trousers

my viking apron dress pattern

Sleeved waistcoat pattern

Sideless Surcote- great instructions