Boksten Man (found in bog, late 14th-century) finds. Hood (with 90cm liripipe), cloak, tunic/kyrtle, hose (plus two closeups showing hose tied at back and holes/repairs in main garment).

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Blog about medieval clothing (en Espanol)

Bejís Medieval

medieval men's pants w/ gusset

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Maid-en Anachronism: Viking Underdress. From my view point, this pattern can save on fabric, but I would juxtapose the front and back side pieces if one side os cut on the bias to add fullness. This way you won't have and stretch to your seams. May have to try this one for fit, esp through the torso. Not sure what era this is from. But definately, rectangle construction method.

Maid-en Anachronism: Viking Underdress

Easy dress pattern

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Laura Foster

This is an excellent resource! Fitting a 14th century dress - custom pattern

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How to Measure for 11th to 15th Century Hosen and Make a Pattern

Historical Life

Good article and instructions on hose

Welcome to Kat's Purple Files/ Florence Files

shoes measurement chart for printable adult (men and woman) shoes sizing chart for printable

Shoe Sizing - Printable

How to make medieval boots by on @DeviantArt

How to make medieval boots

This is a wonderful blog on Irish clothing from Iron Age to late Medieval.

Historical Recreations

Thorsberg Trousers, how to take measurements, sketch own pattern for it.

Making a Pair of Thorsbjerg Trousers

Petras textila resa: Vikingatida, isländska, sydda vantar. Viking age, icelandic, sewn mittens.

Vikingatida, isländska, sydda vantar. Viking age, icelandic, sewn mittens.

The Tankard: ARTS & SCIENCES TUTORIAL - SCA ‘Cheater Shoes‘ Class Notes

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Blog article about viking underdress - she has some great incites and ideas about different patterns and styles. This is a closeup of the Eura dress she made. Site is in Polish so use google translate - Trollkona (awesome blog!)

Trollkona: Fińskie - lecz nie tylko - sukienki

Sewing slippers

sewing slippers | DIY Crafty Time

Feminism is powerful

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Flemish Gown wardrobe plans of Genoveva von Lubeck. "If I make three complete reversible gowns and a few accessories, all in carefully chosen colors, I can actually get like 30 outfits out of it … maybe more, I didn’t keep going with all the permutations. Here’s what I have in mind right now — the color square next to each gown under the Basic Wardrobe is the reverse side of the overdress, and the accessories include two sets of tie-on sleeves, two partlets, and one apron."

More Thoughts on the Flemish Gown: Colors and Variations


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SCA Gambeson Pattern by MedievalCommunity on deviantART

medieval clothing patterns - Google Search

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Thorsberg Tunic 002

Thorsberg Tunic 002

Making a Gored Kirtle Pattern

Making a Gored Kirtle Pattern

Easy and fast aladin-pants :D It's really easy, but if anyone has a question, I'll explain (I wrote the post on Croatian). It can be done in less than 30 minutes =)

Aladin? | svartberg

Linen underdress inspired by the garments worn by bath attendants of the 14th century. Made of heavier linen to be supportive. Wonderful pieces on her site!

Baderskesärk, 1300-tal