The dislike list consisting of of modern country music and rap. Other than that, I'm pretty much okay with whatever.

DIY Chalkboard Art (+Free 8x10 print of "Oceans" lyrics from Hillsong United)

I have no idea who this is but i like the lyric.DIY Chalkboard Art (+Free print of "Oceans" lyrics from Hillsong United)

The girl I lost just reminds me so much about you. I do miss you and I hope u miss me a little bit. I'm ur Texas boy and ur my Louisiana girl

Taylor Swift, Everything Has Changed

all i know is we said hello. your eyes look like coming home. all i know is a simple name. everything has changed. - taylor swift, everything has changed {One of my favorite T.Swift songs for sure}

littlethingsaboutgod: Let us live for Your glory...

LOVE THIS SONG -----> "Holy Spirit You are welcome here. Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory God is what our hearts long for. To be overcome by Your presence Lord!