I need this skirt. But I could wear my polka-dot skirt, flip the color of the cardi and shirt, and wear my wonderful pink statement jewelry (and/or my black flower pins)!

Beautiful Moon

Have you ever seen a hot pink moon at sunset/sunrise? Maybe not this pink but I have definitely seen a pink moon before.

adorable little fairy

❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful art fashion photography of women and flowers - Rose fairy

beauty and style hair and makeup

Wondering what men think of women's hairstyles and makeup? We asked 100 guys to share the hair and makeup looks they hate the most. Read on to see if your hairstyle or makeup look is on the list.

Julep Sandra - wavy stripes nail art

Wavy Striped Nails - time to dig out my craft scissors, who thought Id need them for my nails, LOL" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN


Colorful bracelets, gold necklace, and hot pink blazer and a VERTICAL striped skirt! Why aren't all skirts vertical stripes?


Georgina Goodman SS 'Adventures in Lucid Thought’. Spicing up your summer wardrobe.


Blondie 615

sandals: 6 Inch Stiletto Metallic Heel Sexy Shoes Laced Sandals With Bow Size: 6 Colors: Red


gorgeous black and white wallpaper with a pink chair and matching hot pink ceiling.