Labios de manzana, solo necesitamos manzanas-crema de maní y unos marshmallow.

Love this healthy Halloween snack! Apples, peanut butter and marshmallows create cute sets of teeth! Just cut your apples into slices, spread on peanut butter and put marshmallows between the two slices!

No sabes como servir helado de manera interesantes, aquí tenemos una manera para hacerlo, así que manos a la obra.

Chocolate Bowls make any dessert extra-special! Learn how to make chocolate bowls, then fill them with whipped cream, mousse, or candy.

¿Que es esto? Tritura galletas ya sean oreo o triton y las pones cubriendo el helado, lo que hará que parezcan verdaderas plantas pero muchisimo mas ricas.

Flowerpot with cake, iced cream, worms gums and crushed Oreo.

Kiwis en rodajas bañados en chocolate.

frozen dark chocolate kiwi pops - Such a great idea! this so much. I am a fruit fanatic and if I can make it yummy for the hubby and a "treat" for the kids (someday).that is a win-win in our house.

Helados de gomitas y bebida sprite.

gummy bear and Sprite popsicles! note: the third picture are soap bars from Etsy, NOT popsicles

Gelatina del sabor que mas te guste, en cascaras de naranja, harán que tu postre sea mucho mas entretenido.

These are so cute! 🌈🌈🌈 Tag a friend to make these with!

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