how to tie your shoes

How To Teach A 6-Year-Old To Tie Shoes In 5 Minutes — Efficient Life Skills

Bravo Behavior- when the entire table has bravo behavior, the teacher will choose a student to shade in 1 square. 3 shaded squares equals a prize

Bravo behavior (FREEBIES!) - a year of many firsts

Kindergarten Reference Board

kindertrips: Classroom Photos

{Free} Beginning of the Year Routines! Great list of routines to get your year started off right!

Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: Routines, Routines, Routines!

"I Can" checklist for Common Core...students check off each standard as they master it. Great idea! (This lady has TONS more stuff, too!)

Sassy in Second

Teacherific: DIY Whisper Phones. Children use while they read to themselves. Go to the website for instructions.

Teacherific: DIY Whisper Phones

action cards - fun for kids of all ages during those cold wet winter days....pinned a Christmas themed one last year and my kids had a blast with it.

I is for Insects {Mommy School} | Oopsey Daisy

end of the year poem

End of year - adorable!!

Early Childhood Themes...thematic activities for #preschoolers and kindergarten


Keep Calm & Let A Kindergarten Teacher Handle It- Hoodie. A must have for any Kindergarten teacher. 29 Color Options, Sizes S-5XL.

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Play room storage bench

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STOP - Freeze Game Kids Song- for Kindergarten and maybe 1st grade to get wiggles out.

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How to deal with Sensory Processing Disorder meltdowns... i've got a sensory processing disorder, so if my future kids are like me, i'll need this

Soothe SPD Distress Fast

For kids that aren't paying attention.

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There are stages that some parents go through when teachers tell them that their child is working below level. This is a good post to bookmark to read before you conference with a parent about this topic.

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KWL Chart. Creating a class KWL chart that will start on the first day of the unit.

Ship Shape First Grade

Weighted blanket -DIY for kids with autism...slip this in a pillowcase or soft fabric

DIY Weighted Blanket

Parent Teacher Conference Forms - FREEBIE! Great self evaluation ideas for students to fill out before conferences

Freebielicious: Parent Teacher Conference Forms

Winter bulletin board-- "Our class is snow smart!"

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Debbie Laga

Thank you Volunteers with a great book! at Teach123

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Get a cheap shelf from Ikea. Attach a mirror and cork board and put it on top of a lazy susan (also from Ikea). Genius.

Display-It Storage Mirror

Tips to use with students who have ADD/ADHD.

Teach123 - tips for teaching elementary school: A.D.H.D. Tips

On Monday, I ask the kids to look for items around the classroom and at home to feed to the sound muncher the next day! The sound muncher is a great way to review phonics skills, and I like to put him at the word work center for the kids to draw and label the objects they find inside! To get your own sound muncher, visit the kids hamper section at Target!

First Last!: The Sound Muncher

Use a fishing tackle box to store dice, manipulatives, and those other little things that are hard to store neatly.

Foxwell Forest: Optimum Organization: Rolling Out the Dice

procedure posters to help your students SEE what is expected of them {FREE!!!}

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