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Creation Happy

Magnificent Creation

Project Girls

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Evaluation Rubric


Robotik Art

Robotics Sciences

This is my new engraving project on engravable metal. One of my favourite…

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Student Art Guidefrom Student Art Guide

Easy Art lessons for substitute teachers (free & printable)!

Symmetry Lesson Plans

Tessalations Lesson

Grade 7 Art Lessons

Art Lessons Plans

Secondary Art Lessons

Art Lesson Plans High School

Grade Art

Art Lessons For Substitute Teachers

Art Substitute Lesson Plans

I love these...tessellation art lesson plan

Easy Art lessons for substitute teachers (free & printable)!

Craftwhackfrom Craftwhack

Art Technique: Pointillism

Pointilism Art Projects

Pointalism For Kids Art Projects

Pointilism Drawing

Space Pointillism

Teaching Pointillism

Drawing Art Project

Dot Art Drawing

Pointillism Tutorial

Project Gloucestershire

Really cool Pointillism art project!

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High School Pop Art Projects

Middle School Art Projects

School Ideas

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Shape Lesson High School

Middle School Pop Art

Middle School Color Theory

Drawing Projects For Middle School

Color Theory Lessons High School

repetition with variation

AP Breadth - Julia Tyler's Portfolio

Bloglovin’from Bloglovin’

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Preschool Summer Art Projects

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Fish Crafts Preschool

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Art Class For Kids

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Art Ideas Kids

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Childrens Art Projects

I'm pretty sure I could be happy doing "fish" art projects as a total unit for a whole year!! There are just so many options for kids!! The fact that I had A TON of painted papers and yarn on hand was

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Young Art Lovefrom Young Art Love

Self Portraits: Modigliani

Art For Kids Portraits

Classroom Self Portraits

Kids Self Portrait Art

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Modigliani Self Portraits More

Self Portraits: Modigliani

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Art For Kids

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Art Lessons from the National Gallery of Art


Lines Owl

Lines Lines

Black Lines

Buckner Owls

Buckner Art

Buckner 2008

Technique Owl

That S Owl

Owl Love

Love the lines, owl in oil pastels w/ black paper

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Iggy Peck Architect Lesson

Iggy Peck Architect Activities

Parallell Lines

Study Marker

Perspective Parallel

City Art Projects

City Approved

Architect Steam

Zentangle City

Parallel lines to build a city

Parallel lines to build a city

Watercolor Resist Art

Watercolor And Ink Projects

Watercolor White Crayon

Glue Resist Painting

Crayon Resist Art

Colorful Watercolor Paintings

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Layers of leftover paint with white paint pen outlined with black.

Lost Coast Post

Class 9 Ideas

Class 8

Watercolor Markers

Food Watercolor

Collaborative Artprojects

Lesson Portraits

Tanya'S Art

Art Lesson Ideas

Art Ideas

Chuck Close inspired art lesson- "portraits of food"

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2 Lesson

Art Lesson Ideas

Lesson Plans

Art Lessons

Art Ideas

Art Emus

Ostriches Art

Emu Paintings

Paintings Google

emu paintings - Google Search

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Superhero Curriculum

Art Curriculum

Jdh Enrichment

Skool Writing

Ready Writing

Humanities 2

Hester'S Art

9 English

Visual Art

Hand Self-Portrait- A Space to Create

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Art History Lessons Middle School

Middle School Maths

School Art

Grade Scale

Math Applications

Scale Factor

Middle School Painting Projects

Extra Challenge

Lesson Plans

In this project, students are asked to take a famous piece of art and increases its size by a scale factor of at least three. The extra challenge is that each piece of art is divided into 2-4 pieces and each student only gets a portion of the original. The more accurate their measurements, the better it will match up with the pieces their teammates are creating.


DIY abstract wall art

DIY abstract wall art
Craftionaryfrom Craftionary

30 ways to make Abstract Art projects

Finger Paintings

Kids Paintings

Children Painting

Kids Painting Ideas

Painting Techniques For Kids

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DIY abstract wall art

30 ways to make Abstract Art projects - Craftionary

Color Pbs

Color Incl

Color Color

Color Theory Videos

Color Theory Lesson

Colour Wheel Art Lessons

Wheel Color

Art Theory

Color Wheels

The Effect of Color | Off Book | PBS A Jam- Packed Video Resource for Art Educators

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Art Projects 4Th Grade

4Th Grade Art Lesson

Grade 5 Art

Group Projects

Symmetry Art For Kids

Line Art For Kids

Art Lessons For Kids

Middle School Murals

School Mural Ideas

June 2015: Inspired by New York Artist Kelsey Montague's 'What Lift's You' wing murals. Silver pen on black.

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After School

School Art Ideas

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Lesson Plans

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Art Lesson

School Stuff


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Arts Projects For Elementary Students

Art Projects For The Classroom

Art Projects For Elementary School Kids

Art Project For Elementary Student

Elementary Art Display

Elementary Art Classroom

Collaborative Art Projects For Kids

3-D Art Project

Paper Mache Art Projects For Kids

paper mache art projects for elementary students - use with Dr Seuss oh the places you'll go...

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Sun Paintings Canvas

Acrylic Sun Painting

Sun And Moon Paintings

Sun And Moon Art

Moon Sun

Funky Art Painting

Simple Sun And Moon Tattoo

Sun And Moon Canvas Painting

Sun And Moon Tattoo Designs

"Etu II" -Sun Painting

Fine Art Gallery

Painting Middle School

Art Projects Middle School

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Middle School Art Color

High School Art Classroom Decor

Themed Classroom

Art School

Teach Art

Art Teaching

High School Painting I // Decorative Line Animals

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High School Pop Art Projects

Middle School Art Projects

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Shape Lesson High School

Middle School Pop Art

Middle School Color Theory

Drawing Projects For Middle School

Color Theory Lessons High School

repetition with variation. Middle school, color pattern form variety

AP Breadth - Julia Tyler's Portfolio

Classroom Helpful

Classroom Signs

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The Lost Sock : Artlab Wall of Wisdom

Artlab Wall of Wisdom


end of the year art project

Sun Art Projects For Kids

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Sun Art For Kids

Fabric Crafts For Kids

Art Sun

Canvas Ideas For Kids

Children Art Ideas

Teaching Blog Addict: end of the year art project

end of the year art project

Grade Portrait

Portrait Lesson

Self Portrait Project

Select Students

Paper Sequins

Making Portraits

Yarn Paper

Pop Art Portraits


Whether it is paint, oil pastel, crayon, or anything else you could think of (yarn, paper, sequins...), 8th grade students are showing what they know about value through the process of making portraits.

taking form