jolie idée pour créer des fond marins avec graphismes et passage à l'encre bleue en camaïeux

Emilee Paints: Art Journal: Little Red Boat

Chalk and glue insects. Like this as an alternative to the flowers we normally do.

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Fun project. Supply kids with magazine image, they have to draw their hand holding the image and imagine a background.

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Refresh Your Lessons: Teaching Perspective in Creative and Engaging Manners

Wayne Thiebauld tints & shades!

ARTISUN: Value Scales - Student Work

Repousse/Embossing Lesson Using Van Gogh and line variation..Non- Objective Art


Wow - amazing paintings and great way to teach students about colour

Color It Like you MEAN it!: 4th grade abstract sunsets


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(travel) journal idea: drawing the clouds you've seen while lying on the beach or on the grass

Artist Turns Clouds Into Illustrations

LOVE it!! painting fisher_price #little_people #vintage Have students bring in favorite toy from childhood/etc.

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How to Take Great Photos of Kids' Art Using Your iPhone

How to Take Great Photos of Kids’ Art Using Your iPhone

5 Super FUN End of the Year Art Projects

FUN End of the Year Art Projects

Grade 4...Alum Creek Elementary Schocol

Negative Space Birch Tree from Alum Creek Elementary School

Picasso Self-Portrait....Love teaching this to my students. I get some amazing projects from them.

Teaching with heART!

City in two point perspective

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Op art colorwheel 7th grade Lowell Middle School Art Ed Central Wooley

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Degas Dancer Art Lesson

Degas Dancer Art Lesson

I have a set of Matryoshka Dolls sitting on my desk and all of my students from Kindergarten through 8th grade are really intrigued by them. They are always playing with them! I'm totally doing this lesson now since they seem to be so interested in them!

Patterned Matryoshka Dolls

Cubism Instrument Oil Pastel and Collage Art Lesson - everything you need to build a lesson

Cubism Instrument Oil Pastel and Collage Art Lesson

Free Chalk Pastels Art Tutorial - Less is More - You ARE an Artist

Chalk Pastels: Less is More - Hodgepodge

YouAreanArtist-Bundle 450x319

Chalk Pastels: Less is More - Hodgepodge

Sandra Silberzweig Self Portraits | small hands big art

Silberzweig Self-Portraits - Small Hands Big Art

Super cool Lascaux-style cave paintings on clay - GREAT project!

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Cassie Stephens- 4th grade collaborative lesson. Use with "The Day The Crayons Left" book.

Cassie Stephens

Elements of Art - each panel on this craftivity focuses on one of the elements of visual art

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