Fall kids crafts

Get your little ones ready to craft during the fall holidays with this Fall Leaves Finger Painting. This is an easy fall craft for kids that teaches them to use their own ideas in order to create a popular fall image with their own two hands.

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Here are 45 wonderful fall crafts that you can do with your kids, even the little ones! The ideas here are simple yet so fun, they are sure to bring you hours of fun this fall season!

45 Kid Friendly Fall/Autumn Crafts

Cute owl creation for child's room

My kids school mascot is the owl! So cute! Handprint Owl craft for children.

Handprint art by Becknboys

Candy Corn handprint-love doing handprint art. The candy corn turned out so cute.

handprint - thumbprint - foot print compositions.     Meet the Dubiens: crafts

Hand & thumb print art ideas - seeing this at a glance.i think it would be awesome to make this into a quilt with the kids handprints. (Maybe as a christmas gift for grandparents)

You are my sunshine!  Love the idea of kids doing this as a gift for a family member.

you are my sunshine hand print art.cute for Mother's/Father's/Grandparent's day or any day really! I use to sing this to my little boy.

handprint flower

My version of the Pinterest Challenge

TREES: Handprint Tree This autumn tree activity would provide a creative opportunity for the children at the preschool. It is fun to use their own handprint and fingerprints to create the picture. This would definitely be a DAP activity.

Imgur Post - Imgur

Absolutely love these footprint ideas!John Deere Tractor Foot Print don't have a boy or a tractor, but LOVE this!