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Art with Ms. Gram: Radial Paper Relief Sculptures (4th/5th)

Paper cut outs Matisse style! Draw and cut out leaf shapes, use mod podge to glue onto a balloon, leave to dry fully and pop it! So much fun with the kids!!


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2 Peas and a Dog: Tinfoil Sculpture Art Lesson

I had my people decorate tongue depressors and put them together with fringe on the bottom. Great wall hangings!


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Whoa. These are amazing. This might be a good group project and keep for display in the school. Art in the Big Green Room: 5th grade Polyhedrons


Art in the Big Green Room: 5th grade Polyhedrons

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Calder-Inspired Sculptures (and our 20+ favorite art books!)


Calder-Inspired Sculptures

Hastings Elementary in Duncaville, TX Mrs. Marks Art Program: Line Sculpture-The students used construction paper, pencil, black Sharpie, rulers, 6x6 pieces of white posterboard, and examples of thick straight line, thin straight line, zig-zag line, curved line, and dotted line to create a 3D Line Sculpture.


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