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“I’m crazy in love with you”

“I’m crazy in love with you”

Easy kids self portrait idea. Love this little cheat to help with learning proportion and for color mixing.

Kids Art: Self Portraits | Spittin Toad: Kids Art: Self Portraits

6 minute video about self-portraits for kindergarten

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Window Self-Portrait - Second Grade

Artwork published by naor1

Art Journaling - Kelly Watts

Art Journaling - by Kelly Watts

Another good example using black paint with cardboard/plastic and crayons.

Artwork published by Jacob17661

MAEA : Michigan Art Education Association : Gallery Results

MAEA : Michigan Art Education Association : Gallery Results

Crazy Hair art lesson...line quality!

BLS Art Department: Year 7 Extension Task

Art simple faces1 Practical Pages

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Art simple faces Practical Pages

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Portrait: My Other Half. love love love this.

Think Create Art

Screamy portraits with straw-blown hair. I love that her students interpreted this as exploding brains!

artisan des arts: Scream! - grade 3/4

skull decoration

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Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Room 9: Art!: Who Are These People?

Every element addressed: line, shape, color, texture, value, space. Principles addressed: pattern, emphasis, contrast (in color). Media used: Pencil (practice), oil pastel, pen/ink, watercolor, clay (model magic). Techniques: drawing, painting, sculpting, collage. Great lesson with links for sketchbook assignments for contour line drawing self-portrait practice.

Room 9: Art!: Model Magic Mania!

Catching Snowflakes - Love this for a winder art project

Artwork published by msallums1

Gorgeous Paul Klee portraits. These are my favorite of all that I have seen! Art teacher Anne Farrell had 1st graders go over their drawings with orange paint and a roller before coloring with soft pastels. Beautiful effect!

Use Your Coloured Pencils: Paul Klee Style Portraits

Draw The Line At

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100th day of school in art, we always do portraits. the kids imagine how they think they will look when they are 100. we embellish w/ gaudy jewely, flowers, wrinkles, grey hair and more. we also attach a short story to them about what they'll do, where they will go, etc. they are hilarious!! :) enjoy (and happy 102nd day of school! wooo!).

"when i am 100 years old..." - a photo on Flickriver

Cool portrait idea

Self Portraits - Art Lesson Ideas

Trace their face from a photo onto acetate. Paint or collage colors underneath for a new/abstract face.

The Crafted Life - Making crafting easy & fun!

Grow Creative: Easy Watercolor Portrait Tutorial

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Art Rocks!: 3rd Grade MONSTER MAMA book to use with portrait lesson on this site. Awesome!

Art Rocks!: 3rd Grade MONSTER MAMA