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Students draw a picture of the setting and then use direct quotes to "prove" that what they put belongs in the picture based on the actual text.

Teaching in Room 6: Where? When? SETTING!


The Quotes That Made To Kill A Mockingbird A Classic #refinery29 www.refinery29.co... “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...Until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” — Atticus Finch

5 "To Kill A Mockingbird Quotes" That Are Just As Powerful Today


Guided Reading Games and Activities for Comprehension


Design Wall with felt: Bold Expressions at BAM

Make It... a Wonderful Life: Bold Expressions at BAM


150 Amazing Writing prompts Pictures- great for bell ringer writing

150 Amazing Writing prompts Pictures


Bell ringers - getting students to identify grammar errors AND correct them can be done. This bundle contains 32 task cards, and covers middle school language standards.

Bell Ringers and Grammar Errors for August


Teach your students how to properly embed quotations in their writing. CCSS Aligned. Includes ESL Differentiation. Writing. Grades 7-12. Teaching writing. Secondary English. High school. Middle school.

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7 bell ringer ideas to start your middle and high school English class.

7 Bell Ringer Ideas For Middle & High School English



How I Teach Vocabulary - With Handouts


MASLOW'S HIERARCHY of NEEDS by Angela Duncan @ flickr

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Free online courses from the world’s leading universities…There are no degrees, no fees, and no admissions.

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sample 3rd grade paragraph | Writing a Paragraph | Worksheet | Education.com

Writing a Paragraph


Main Idea vs. Theme Sort! Free download.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme


Fifth Grade Comprehension Worksheets: Travel Brochure

Travel Brochure


Education.com | Printable Worksheets, Online Games, and More

Printable Worksheets, Online Games, and More


Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game Activity

Toss and Blend: A Carnival Game


FREE Beginning Reader Worksheet Pack to Accompany the Bob Books From The Homeschool Den

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I Can Read Words! Simple CVC words to help BEGINNING readers! The first 2 letters are the same, which really helps them focus on the last sound!

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These free silent e books are great for beginning readers... perfect to use alongside other silent e activities

8 Free silent e phonics readers - The Measured Mom


Vowels Vowels Vowels Worksheet pack - look at picture and identify vowel sound in words (CVC, CVCe, CCVCe, CVCC, beginning blends, ending blends, etc.)

Vowels Vowels Vowels Fun Worksheets


Taking a Zero: Reinforcing student responsibility and giving them ownership in the process of improving their work habits.

Weird Is Cool in Middle School: Take Ten! Classroom Rules!


Pass a bag full of letters around the circle. When the song ends, whoever is holding the bag picks a letter and says its name. {They could also say its sound, a word that begins with that letter, etc}

Mrs. Bremer's Class


Dear Amazing Teacher, Why do Language Learners need to journal write? The more students write, the better writers they become* - and practicing writing is especially important for language learners. Regular journal writing benefits Language Learners because they are free to make mistakes so they take risks in their writing improve their syntax, morphology, vocabulary, and spelling, improve their writing fluency, and improve their writing confidence.

50 Days of Journal Prompts 3rd-5th Grade (Common Core Aligned)


Family games for executive function skill building.

Family Games that Improve Executive Functioning


At the beginning of the year I provide them with a blank “Table of Contents” form, and copies of the course syllabus, rules, and procedures to keep in the binder. All notes that they take and a majority of their short assignments are kept in the binder, and students must keep track of all items on their Table of Contents.

FACS Classroom Ideas: Organization