lemon blueberry loaf

This lemon blueberry recipe is a quickbread. The lemon and berry together make a great taste! Perfect for summer as a treat or dessert. Stick to 1 cup of blueberries of the bread may tear coming out of the pan. 1 h at 360 in my oven.

s’more bites in the oven

S’more Bites

S’more Bites in the oven - Yum yum yummy! I would use cinnamon graham crackers and a dark chocolate square.

Love! fruit fruit fruit

Melon balls in lemon or lime skins. you could make lemon-lime aid so the inside doesnt go to waste


blue and orange--- I have become enamored with this color combination. if I had to choose colors to represent my life.they would be orange and blue. LOVE IT!

fire cupcake

Chocolate, strawberries and fire, booyah![Sprinkle Bakes: Chocolate Cupcakes with Flaming Strawberries]


cool 4 Best Cake Recipes in a Jar because it's my Birthday! , Cakes in a Jar look awesome! You must agree. First were the drinks now come the cakes. Check out the 4 best cake recipes in a jar and start bakin.

cupcake pie

Who wants some PIE?Blue and Red M's, vanilla frosting with 4 drops of yellow food coloring and tsp.that's all you need to make these adorable mini pie cupcakes!