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Organizing the Classroom

Inspiring ideas for organizing and decorating your classroom from Lakeshore Learning!

Organizing the Classroom

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Great idea for organizing the classroom! #Lakeshore #Learning

Ingenious use! Thanks for sharing Emily: "Clips have students name on them work can be changed out easily through the year. Pins available at Lakeshore Learning"

First Grade Fresh: Let's give them something to talk about...

Fun organization ideas! Thanks for sharing with us, @Jessica Clancy!

Lakeshore’s Classic Birch Store-It-All Teaching Center combines 2 teaching easels and tons of storage space—in one incredible center!

Classic Birch Store-It-All Teaching Center at Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore’s Mobile Listening & Storage Center provides an instant listening center and easy-access storage space for all your music supplies—in one compact unit!

Mobile Listening & Storage Center at Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore’s Magnetic Write & Wipe Display Hooks let you organize & display classroom materials—from vocabulary word lists to math facts flash cards—on any magnetic surface!

Magnetic Write & Wipe Boards at Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore’s Mobile Teaching Station keeps all your teaching materials right where you need them—in one incredible station that rolls anywhere in the class!

Mobile Teaching Station at Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore’s All-Purpose Teaching Cart is an organizer, chart stand and roomy storage center—all in one!

All-Purpose Teaching Cart at Lakeshore Learning

Hang Lakeshore’s At-Your-Seat Storage Sack over the back of students’ chairs to put school supplies within reach—and keep children’s desks clutter-free!

Mobile Backpack Storage Cart at Lakeshore Learning

Hang Lakeshore’s At-Your-Seat Storage Sack over the back of students’ chairs to put school supplies within reach—and keep children’s desks clutter-free!

At-Your-Seat Storage Sack at Lakeshore Learning

We love Danielle’s idea for Lakeshore’s Storage Boxes & Lids: “I would love my library to be color coded and organized. Summer project?”

Lakeshore Storage Boxes & Lids at Lakeshore Learning
  • Trina Cibor
    Trina Cibor

    That's what I did--and then I put colored dots on the inside cover of the books to match the bin so the kids can easily put the books away

Thanks for pinning Lakeshore’s Brick-Building Activity Table, Katie! We think it’s ideal for playtime in the classroom—with a sturdy surface for tons of brick-building fun!

Brick-Building Activity Table at Lakeshore Learning

Thanks for pinning Lakeshore’s Leveled Books, Natalie! We think they are a perfect fit for any classroom reading library!

Thanks for pinning Lakeshore’s Journal Storage Center, Keys4Education! It’s a great way to store and organize journals—for the whole class!

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Thanks, Tiffany, for sharing your super-cool homeschool room and how you use your Double-Wide Teaching Easel from Lakeshore!

Birthday Graph from Lakeshore Learning: Display your students’ birthdays—with a colorful graph they can help create!

Complete Classrooms® from Lakeshore Learning: Customized catalogs to help align your classroom to early learning standards, the Environment Rating Scales and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework.

complete classrooms® at Lakeshore Learning
  • phyllis miller
    phyllis miller

    This has downloadable floorplans. They cant be changed but gives new ideas

Classroom Designer from Lakeshore Learning: With this interactive tool, it’s easy to design your own classroom layout filled with affordable and fully-assembled Lakeshore furniture!

Lakeshore’s Storage Tray Mobile Organizer is roomy enough for tons of materials, yet compact enough to set up anywhere!

Storage Tray Mobile Organizer at Lakeshore Learning

Lakeshore’s Behavior Management Pocket Chart makes it easy to monitor classroom behavior—for up to 30 students!

Behavior Management Pocket Chart at Lakeshore Learning
  • B Allen Goodridge
    B Allen Goodridge

    This is wonders in our class!!!

Lakeshore’s Learning Center Wooden Signs make it easy to label classroom learning centers!

Classroom supplies really stay put—with Lakeshore’s Easy-Lock Storage Caddies!

Keep all of your writing supplies in super-easy reach—with Lakeshore’s Classic Birch Tabletop Writing Center!

Classic Birch Tabletop Writing Center at Lakeshore Learning

Keep books of all sizes organized and accessible to students with Lakeshore’s Help-Yourself Book Boxes!