just another way to be self sufficient.. as long as I have internet access, I can light a fire without a match! haha

Pump Fire Drill - The Iroquois invented this ingenious pump drill, which uses a flywheel to generate friction. The crossbar and flywheel are made of hardwood; the spindle and fireboard are made from softwoods (as in the ha

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A campfire illuminating the night sky in the forest amongst the tall trees that point to the stars. A wonderful camping spot and photography.


I miss sitting around campfires with my friends! Sooo can't wait until next time :)

Lakeside campfire

World’s Best Hikes: 20 Dream Trails Hiking is great for balancing the root chakra. Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, and Switzerland is definitely on my bucket list!

one of the best places to be

i want to build a bon fire and invite all my friends over and we all sing camp fire songs while toasting marshmellows

Love everything about a campfire - the smell, the sound, the warmth, and the beautiful flames flickering.

Little things that make life enjoyable,more intersting(or even frustrating)things that make the world a better place to be in. they can be simple things or complex objects, people, places etc. I also love music and tattoos so I post both a lot!


Arizona Highways Photography ~ Arizona Highways Magazine ~ The night sky, including a meteor, at Locket Meadow, Flagstaff, Arizona ~ A star-filled sky keeps one humble. I haven't seen stars since I left Arizona.

Campfire Meteor, Colorado

Campfire Meteor, Colorado photo via rose Reminds me of the scene in Pocahontas where she is laying down and looking at the stars and it makes a cat's face.