To DO: Make a beautiful ruffly scarf just like this gorgeous white one. The tutorial is here:

DIY Ruffle Flower Scarf by mama-says-sew: Made with knit fabric and elastic thread. Scarf Ruffle_Scarf DIY mama_says_sew

Can you find a "fill in the blank" or a ____?  Add a little competition and have 2 books and see who can find it faster.  May add small details cut out and laminated as pictured image cue for finding/matching.  So many options.  The directions to make are linked but it looks much more complicated than what I would try even if I did sew it.

fabric eye spy book - What a great way to use all of our scraps from the eye spy quilts.

Sew a scarf Nancy Zieman    Hmmm... Can I do this completely on a serger? I think I can!

Sew-A-Scarf Week—#3 Super-Quick Cascading Scarf

Sew a scarf with the help of Nancy Zieman, Sewing With Nancy. No sewing pattern is needed, just Nancy's sewing tips and techniques. Sew a scarf in an evening.

Sew Amazing Scarves by Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy | Nancy Zieman Blog

Six Amazing Scarves to Sew

Lettuce-Edge S-Curve Scarf - Nancy Zieman/Sewing With Nancy/Sew Amazing Scarves

Rosy and Ruffled Infinity Scarf - the easy, DIY addition to your wardrobe you've been waiting for.

Rosy and Ruffled Infinity Scarf