I am always on the search for things to print out. Things to stick on my dashboard and bathroom mirror and refrigerator door. Things that inspire me to make healthier choices. Things that make me want to change my life for the better. For the best. Enjoy.

Right! No pain no gain though, gotta take chances at having it or what's the point of living?

Reminds me of the many laughing, mocking people in the big spacious building, pointing fingers and trying to humiliate those that are standing tall and following the Iron Rod to God and the Tree of Life. Only the strong and pure of heart will survive!

@Samantha Diaz My love!!! This says it all too you! :) Everything always has a solution it always depends on your will & heart to change things or move on from them! Your a strong women! Time to show the world how strong you can really be! :)

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