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Look Great Naked

Tips for all those things that bug you about your body. Pin now, read later. "look great naked"

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How Long is Long Enough: Knowing When to Put Down the Beauty Tools

We’re always in favor of doing a thorough job. May no blemish be left unconcealed and all that. But at a certain point we have to realize that our beautifying behaviors may, in fact, be overkill. If you’ve ever found yourself lingering in front of th...

how to properly scrunch and maintain wavy/ curly hair -- Everyone who struggles with curly hair should read this -- I had to figure out a lot of these tricks on my own once I started embracing my curly hair- I wish they had been all in one place like this! And don't be put off because her hair is pretty short - my hair is long and I do alot of the same things she does, minus the diffuser.