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Laura Burgos
Laura Burgos
Laura Burgos

Laura Burgos

love everything emotion driven

Jan Joris Tuinarchitectu

Smart, smart, smart.

Cookie town

  • Gregg Tracton

    google has developed and refined a few methods for maximizing the amount of information (roads, words) on the map while minimizing the data (clutter). i find it is usually just about right, but sometimes a street name is far from where i would want it to be for my immediate needs -- it's an optimization.

  • Tilman Thürmer

    Octavia ... Blvd.or St. ?

  • Ricky Yean

    Interesting. For something like a map I need Google level details.

  • Mithu Lahiri

    I like Google's level of details. I walk, run & bike, so it helps me know how far I've gone when I'm running or biking and gives me a very good idea of where I am when I am walking.

  • Sundance Vacations

    Good call on the walking directions vs driving directions Mallory

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