Laurel Ann Burroughs Larson

Laurel Ann Burroughs Larson

Laurel Ann Burroughs Larson
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As a by-product of today’s way of life, which involves busy schedules, work pressure, and health concerns, stress is quite undesirable. Although we are usually unsuccessfully, we keep searching for ways to cope with stress. Fortunately, a simple and sure solution for stress and similar ailments exists in the form of hand yoga and concentration. …

Originating in India, mudra hand gestures are designed to stimulate all parts of the body—and mind. There are eight basic gestures in all.

5 gallon bucket ideas | My 5-gallon bucket seats pinned with Pinvolve -

5 gallow bucket ideas - what a neat idea, and hidden storage too! {just a picture, but still love this idea!

Hilarious Text Of The Day

Warner and I could have this conversation

First Grade Made: Classroom Reveal

I am beyond excited to share with you my classroom reveal! It has been quite the journey. Last year our school was undergoing construction .

At the end of the day, it's easy to use that clip to bring the stack of papers in that bin home, if you need to. Get more classroom organizing ideas here.

Sort papers for your own sanity using binder clips as changeable labels for bins and stacks of papers.

Editable Open House Stations & Forms

Editable Open House Stations & Forms

Nasty painful aftershocks take you right back to the dreadful moment

If "aftershocks" or "grief bursts" are too much to bear alone, please reach out for help. Our bereavement counselors or grief support groups are available, no matter when the loss occurred.

My 15 Favorite Workout Songs Of The Year

The right music can motivate you to work harder and push past workout fatigue! Get motivated with these 15 awesome songs that are perfect to work out to.

If you liked this quick 25 minute treadmill workout, TRY these 4 other treadmill workouts!

4 Treadmill Workouts To Beat Boredom - Get Healthy U If you liked this quick 25 minute TRY these 4 other treadmill workouts! For more great pins go to Bella Pepper Fox

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Oboz Sawtooth Low B-Dry Hiking Shoes - Women's