Miss C's Class - LOTS of ideas from a Kindergarten classroom visit. Love this simple behavior anchor chart! (Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree)

Mrs. Byrd's Learning Tree: Miss C's Class


Clean Up Songs

Herding Kats In Kindergarten


32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips. Great ideas for positive reinforcement, brain breaks, grouping kids and tons more.

32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips - Playdough To Plato


simple chart for teaching students when to use the restroom :: good times and not good times chart by KindergartenWorks

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Preschool Classroom Helper Chart with Photos for Jobs I love that they use the child's picture instead of their name at first!.

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Not sure I like the look of this, but the job ideas are good! I like for every student to have a job...makes things easier!!

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How to Store Anchor Charts

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Multiple class lists printed in advance for use as needed...who turned in field trip money, etc. Man do I need something like this!!

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Use binder clips to keep hanging files from sliding. Very smart!

Nine Great Uses for Binder Clips


daily 5 bins... and check out her schedule...she does a phonics mini-lesson, groups, comprehension (read-aloud) mini-lesson, groups...only 2 sets of groups per day...seems like it would fit into my schedule better...

A day in my life


Clever way to make signs stand up!

Blog Hoppin': Christmas Gift Ideas and Polar Express Freebie


Lessons with Laughter: Classroom Organization

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Ladybug's Teacher Files: Storing Those Plastic Bags

Storing Those Plastic Bags


I made a quilt that will hang on the wall of my classroom to display student work. I used gallon ziplock bags and duct tape, and the ziplocks open from the back of the quilt so students' work can easily slide in and out. I love the animal print duct tape which goes perfect in my jungle themed classroom. Cool, huh? :)

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Lori Alford

A magnetic version of the "Where Are We" board. I heart the ribbon :) Jodi from The Clutter-Free Classroom www.CFClassroom.com

Where Are We Board- Inspired by Miss Kindergarten


Five tips to increase student engagement in your lessons

2nd Grade in Spain: Five tips to increase student engagement in your lessons


Free "I'm Done! Now What?" Picture Cards

August 2012


field trip sheet

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I need this!!! Start the countdown to Spring Break! Download this {FREE} poster and put it in an 8x10 frame. Use a dry erase marker to count down the days! Perfect for morning meeting, teacher's desk, front office, or at home! :)

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while you were out folder cover

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Free printable "To Do" list



To do list in a frame - so smart... use dry erase marker....

Fabulous in First: Just call me Miss Ellaneous


Home Depot will cut your composition books in half - easier to store, more bang for your buck and so cute

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Storing borders

Finally in First: Border Tip