printable sight word books. I love this idea because it is interactive for the visual learner, hands on learner, and of course auditory if read out loud. I had a lot of success with this with slower readers.

Kindergarten Kindergarten: Books

Common Core Literacy Centers: Sight Word Wands!

Common Core Literacy Centers: Sight Word Wands! | Heidi Songs

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Freebies

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Down by the Sea Centers + FREEBIE

Sight word ball toss game: Get kids moving and having fun while learning with this sight word ball toss game. Plus, you can adapt this activity to work on letters, numbers, shapes, math facts, and more! See how EASY this is to do with just one special type of marker! #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

Sight word ball toss game - Gift of Curiosity

The sight words on the bus say...

Kreative in Kinder: #random

Dolch and Fry lists all grades and FREE.

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Hop on Popcorn Free Printable Sight Word Game

obSEUSSed: Hop on Popcorn Free Printable Sight Word Game

Word Recognition 2 50 Playful Sight Words Activity Ideas for Beginning Readers | Childhood101 I chose activity #14. Get ziploc bags and put paint in them, enough to line the walls of the bag. Pass a bag out to each student and also give them a Q-tip. As a class go over the sight words, and they can write the sight word on the bag while using the Q-tip.

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Spelling/Sight Word Practice with sand in a school box!

Live, Love, Laugh and Teach!: Spelling/Sight Word Practice Part 3

Monkey sight words

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NEW! Sight Words 3 - by ELF Learning

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Read with Me! (Sight Words 2) - YouTube

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Learning Phonics: NEW! Sight Words 1 - by ELF Learning

Learning Phonics: NEW! Sight Words 1 - by ELF Learning

Even more fun, make a class book, with each student getting a page. The words would be in a speech bubble, "I am----", or "My name is---and I like---". Kids who are ready for more complex sentences could interview kids and write the results.

Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Stuff...Pictures and Ideas!

color words practice

Teacher Bits and Bobs: color words

I Spy Sight Words Reading Activity with a FREEBIE Clever Classroom

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Sight word activities

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Give me 5...teacher says word and student has to high five the correct sight word to enter/exit the room.

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Split class into 2 teams. Teacher writes words on whiteboard. One person from each team gets an eraser. Teacher calls out a word. First team to erase the word gets a point.

Sight Word Practice

Sight Words Spelling HD ($0.00) - Over 300,000 downloads of our educational apps! - 3 spelling hint levels including uppercase and lowercase - Great for Speech Language Therapists working with clients The Dolch Sight Words are the foundation of reading! This app offers spelling practice using the whole keyboard and 4 hint levels for different spelling levels. Contains an in-app purchase to unlock all 220 sight words

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sight word basketball - fun way to incorporate movement into word work

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Pre-Kindergarten Dolch Vocabulary Sight Words

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FREE from KinderTastic: Sight Word Journal

KinderTastic: Sight Word Journal

Freebie - Sight Word Find, Tally, Graph (using visually similar sight words)

Growing Firsties: Rave Reviews & Sight Word Freebie

Free! Reading Fluency One Breath Boxes - Fry Words 1-50

Reading Fluency One Breath Boxes - Fry Words 1-50