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I made a mistake, I am truly sorry. I know I can fix it and Make It right. I know I can love you and respect you the way you deserve, please forgive me and open your heart to me again so we can go together and create a beautiful new love.

Whe they make you feel like you're doing wrong when your trying your best to help them. Then all you have done gets forgotten because these people are selfish and just want without giving a little back. When you finally give up and they blame you...


when my enemies even my foes rose up against me to eat up my flesh they stumbled and fell, and though armies be camped against me, my heart shall not fear, or oceans rise against me, in this I shall be confident!


Never be embarrassed by what you love. If you push away what you love then you won't have anything to make you excited about the day and going to school will be even harder to do.


Tim Holtz Rubber Stamp THE MOMENT Stampers Anonymous k5-1211


Truer words have not been spoken. It isn't about finding a peaceful place (externally). Rather, having peace within.. Despite the chaos all around you. And in that peace is a contentment and happiness like no other.

word. I shouldn't compare myself to others. And the fact that I do it to fictional characters is even harder. I feel like I want to be just like a ranger. Silent, skilled, strong, brave in battle. But I'm not. I need to be myself and grow on my talents.

Your heart shows through no matter what.. Make sure you take care of it as well as you do everything else.

I'm flying through Lisa Messenger's book 'Daring and Disruptive' which I absolutely LOVE! She talks a lot about the fear of failure, and how to get over it .... remember, most things are PERCEIVED fear! ‪ ‪ ‪ ‪