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Cool Halloween Costume...    #Halloweencostume #halloween #halloweenideas

This wasn't your typical All Hallow's Eve. Vintage photos of creepy Halloween costumes have recently surfaced and have taken the meaning of DIY to a new level. The black-and-white pics, which date bac.

Monkey mask

weirdvintage: “ This is my dad’s uncle, c. in Kokomo, IN, USA. The young victim of a family of pranksters, he luckily grew up to be a bit more handsome ” weirdvintage

Cristina García Rodero, Ancient Bear Mask worn during the Carnival in Bielsa (Pyrenees, Spain), undated

Cristina García Rodero, ancient Bear mask-cloak worn during the Carnival in Bielsa (Pyrenees, Spain) undated

by Amy Judd

Flawless in white by Amy Judd Art. I like the use of feathers and how they cover the eyes as if they're hiding something.


“She was unlike most girls of her age, in this -- that she had ideas of her own" - Wilkie Collins, THE MOONSTONE. Incidentally, this book is often considered to be the first British detective novel.

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon:  Traveling show.

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: Traveling show, from my favourite movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

lara jensen

My hair is so frizzy that I just want to cry. Humid days, am I right? The mask also weighs a ton.

Really like this cover design. Such a good book! Adam Busby design for the cover of The Hobbit.

Haven't read the hobbit but love the use of maps in books, and this would make an amazing print! - The Hobbit by J.R Tolkien — Design by Adam Busby

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: Neverwas Haul, a Steampunk Victorian-Era #House on #Wheels.

Neverwas Haul, A Steampunk Victorian-Era House On Wheels. Love the unique shape, attention to detail, and sense of whimsy to this art car that I would love as a mobile home.

Selk´nam People - Tierra del Fuego. Fotografía de Martín Gusinde.

Selk´nam People, Tierra del Fuego, Martín Gusinde - A Terra do Fogo (em…