Espace language

pistes et outils pour installer un espace langage riche en classe
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a painting of a tree with letters on it and birds in the branches around it
arbre de l'alphabet bricolage enfant
the letters are made out of wood and have metal wires attached to them with hooks
Abecedarios diy (Decorar en familia | DEF Deco)
a cookie with the words name recognition on it and an image of a piece of cake
Name Recognition with Playdough Imprints Activity
Name Recognition activity for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids using playdough imprints (kids activities)
a child's hand writing on a white board with bead name beads in front of it
Explore Capacity on the Light Table
This simple light table center — transparent pony beads and tiny clear plastic cups with lids from the dollar store — created an engaging math activity for our preschoolers! Preschoolers just love to fill things up, don’t they?! Whether it’s the cups in the kitchen or bowls in the rice table, the simple act of... Read More »
a plastic container filled with lots of white and black letters on top of a wooden table
Alpha Large Lima Beans! - California Beans
¡Nos encanta este abecedario hecho con alubias! ¿Tenéis algun alfabeto especial en clase? #Ludiletras
two pink lights sitting on top of a wooden table next to a person's hand
Pinterest Pin / Therapy Idea of the Week - Tap Lights for Phoneme Segmentation - PediaStaff
les syllabes en lumière! à aimanter pour le tableau, pour le travail de localisation de syllabes. Ils vont adorer participer!
a binder with numbers and letters on it sitting next to some colored candies
Letter identification
a red bowl filled with plastic toys on top of a wooden table next to an abc letter tray
What's on the Tray?
Beginning sound sort, for children beginning to understand leading letter sounds. I would also put a lower case letter on each container to help with letter recognition. EYFS
the letters are made out of rocks and have different designs on them, including one for each letter
Living Crafts Blog
This would be a great way to turn letter-work into art/play. I love the way they look...
several pieces of wood are arranged in the shape of letters and numbers on a wall
ABC Letters for the Fridge that are NOT UGLY!
ABC magnetic letters
there are pictures of children's crafts and activities in the playroom, including letters
An Everyday Story - Baby Gifts, Kids Toys & Motherhood
In this post you'll find 25+ simple and engaging ideas for hands-on literacy explorations. Pre-writing, letter recognition and letter writing... all using beautiful manipulatives. From An Everyday Story.