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the number five is made out of puzzle pieces and has hands on it with numbers
Printable Number Puzzles {1-10}
These free printable number puzzles for 1-10 can help kids see how numbers can be represented in a variety of ways. Plus, they are naturally self-checking! <3
colorful paper flowers and matching cards on a wooden table with a gold tray full of them
Развивающие занятия дома с мамой
Развивающие занятия дома с мамой
several pictures of children playing with toys in a play table and on top of polka dot paper
Nifty Numicon
Numicon on
a bulletin board with numbers and pictures on it
Ohhhh.... The Things You Can Do With an Oil Drip Pan - Make Take & Teach
Magnetic number of the day. It could be stationary or mobile. Great idea!
two matching game pieces with numbers on them and the words match the numbers to 20
Printable number wheel cards - NurtureStore
Free printable number wheel for number recognition, number matching games, subitising activities and games to learn number bonds to 10 or 20
different colored cubes are shown in this worksheet for children to learn how to draw
LOTS of printable pages of unifix cube patterns. Laminate and place in a bin with unifix cubes for independent work.
two pictures with numbers and dices on the floor, one is for children to play
Preschool Math Games with Loose Parts - from One Perfect Day
the number eighteen is made out of lego blocks
Lavinia Pop
Playdough Mats - Numbers (0-30) with Unifix Cubes
a wooden table topped with lots of different types of crafts and supplies on top of it
Lesidee rekenen kleuters
Cijfer van de week
a young boy sitting at a table looking at a game with blue beads on it
Chemin des nombres - Mon cahier journal
atelier autonome: chemin des nombres
a wooden box filled with gold numbers next to an open box that says pirates'gold number play
Pirates' Gold Number Play
Kitchen Floor Crafts: Pirates' Gold Number Play
there are many rocks and numbers on the ground
Stimulating Learning with Rachel
Simple stone counting from Rachel (",)