varier les supports et les outils

il y a pas que les feuilles de papier sur lesquelles on peut peindre, ni les pinceaux
81 Pins
many different types of sea urchins are shown in this image, including green and pink
En dilletante
Jours laissés par les aiguilles
a large white wall covered in lots of different colored beads and sea animals on it
Clip it, jeux de construction motricité fine - Waste is More
Art project with Cesar Chavez elementary school, Long Beach, California.
toothbrushes are arranged in the shape of dominos
Creative Painting Experiments With Q-tips
Avec des cotons-tige
a painting with many different colors and shapes
Portfolio - Recent Quilts
Maryline Collioud-Robert, "A Happy Place", contemporary, quilt
an art project with paint splattered on paper
Kid Art | Housing a Forest | Page 2
Raper des craies grasses, pulvériser de l'eau dessus, Recouvrir d'un autre papier et repasser
three different pictures of flowers and leaves with watercolors on them, one is green and the other is blue
Nature Resist Tie Dye Shirts – The Pinterested Parent
nature painting for kids with food coloring paint spray. Spring & summer art activities
a colorful flower made out of colored paper
Finished a workshop sample last night. #watercolor #watercolorpaper #papermanipulation #funkyflower
this is an easy art project for kids to do
Paint Scrape Notecards - DIY Art Project Idea
How to make Paint Scrape Art - fun and simple DIY art project idea
three different pictures with some type of stamp on them and one is made out of paper
technique: graver dans le polystyrène et étaler la peinture + impression
a person is holding a pen and drawing on a notebook with an image of a woman's face
Lesson: Bad Hair Day (Line and Shape)
Project ART-A-DAY: Lesson: Bad Hair Day (Line and Shape)
children standing in front of an art project with paper streamers on the floor and balloons hanging from the ceiling
L1000122.JPG (image)
action painting
children are sitting at a table painting with watercolors on paper and paintbrushes
Week 14 : Party in The Art Room!!
Changing Leaves" create own leaf template, then traced their leaf (over and over), next background with a black crayon, last paint w/ watercolor paint. Source: The Colorful Art Palette
four different pictures of roosters with the words rooster art
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Beautiful kids art project made WITHOUT brushes.
a man working on an art project at a table with leaves and water lilies
a child is holding a pair of scissors in front of a paper with circles on it
Compass Painting
Peindre avec un compas // Compass Painting