Haha! So true!

If you've never played softball/baseball you will never know how true this is, once an ump said I swung and I only swung the bat an inch, dad/coach, got so mad

Softball quote!!!

don`t stop practicing once you get it right keep practicing until you can`t get it wrong

Ahh yes. Basketball court for 6 months. Then baseball for 2. Soccer and track are in between.

Ahh yes Football, softball, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. We all love you grandma and thanks for coming to all of your grandkids sports.

Softball quote

"To some people the limp gloves, the smelly shoes and the sturdy bat is just a game. But to me it's a way of life". ~ Softball Quote Softball is my life I've been playing finance I was 7 and now im So this sport is my life~

The life you live is how you live for the game of softball and for that little girl inside you that never gives up and never says no. You never want to give up on the little girl in you brain that you think isn't there anymore but in life it is