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by LookieLooSuz

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the composition is lovely.

Eres feliz cuando estás EN PAZ Y ARMONIA: noviembre 2013


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This is a gorgeous picture(: #water #girls #children #sunsets #photography #art #photos #images #pictures #pics

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Children Photography | Pops of Color | Muted Tones | Black & Whites | Sibling Inspiration | Family Photography

the nisets / seattle family and child photographer

Collaged portrait

Squarespace - Website Expired

love this session!

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Dealing with flash =)

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Awww... #summer #sun #younglove #solederm

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simple pose for little (or not so little) girls.

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As little Peggy strolled up to the Shriner's Hall to collect her free ticket to the circus, she was completely gobsmacked by the cruelty of their senses! What to do? What to do? Hmmm...well...she DID have this nifty bag of elephant poo and a tiny book of matches! Her mommy and daddy had always taught her to be tidy AND prepared! But vindictive? That was Peggy's idea!

the bean and the bear

Dollcake Clothing Tunic and Skirt Set Spring 2012 - these were worn by the flowergirls at a wedding we shot, they were soooo cute! by jenniferplasha

Dollcake Rose Without a Thorn Black Skirt

love this

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Great pose for siblings or close friends

Kara May Photography

bench pose...beautiful

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It's that kid with the fishing pole in the Dreamworks logo.

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great for a photoshop project

Siblings From Vienna

beautiful girl. Love her hair.

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Martin Luther King lesson. Mixing colors. Great idea!

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