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Cute gift! Originally for a 60th birthday party where 60 friends and family are contacted and each write a letter of a memory shared with the recipient. Could also work for other b-days and holiday gifts.

Such a fun and meaningful gift. 60 years Have 60 friends/family write a memory of the birthday person and put in envelopes.

DIY Chevron Wall Art -- There's no need to be intimidated — this project is doable for any level of DIY-er (it's actually supposed to look a little imperfect!). All you need is a paintbrush, your fave colors of paint, a canvas, and some painter's tape. After you've assembled your supplies, prepare to channel your inner Picasso, because your masterpiece is but a click away.

This Easy DIY Is A Real Work Of Art Blue Painters Tape, A large Canvas, Scissors to Cut Tape, Acrylic Paint in Several colors including White, and a fan/dryer/or time.and a short while later you have ART to hang on your wall and or sell. HAVE FUN!