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For more ideas and inspiration for Asian landscape design, go to for a full-color, printable style sheet on this theme.
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stone lanterns - Grace Design Associates in Santa Barbara, CA

Japanese Landscape Design Ideas - Landscaping Network

Asian Koi Pond and gazebo. Landscaping Network Calimesa, CA

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This lushly tropical space provides a serene place to meditate and unwind, and cost less than $25,000. Design by Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture in Key West, FL. See the prices of other installed landscapes here:

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Beautiful koi pond in this landscape. Love the lively color the fish bring! Photo by Pam Spindola.

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"It's believed that straight pathways allow malevolent spirits to go directly into the house, while a zigzag pathway hinders their movement." Get more Asian design tips in this interview with landscape architect AJ Shepard of CA.

Asian Landscaping Dos & Dont's - Landscaping Network

This soothing Asian landscape has so many of the classic elements - Buddha statue, Japanese maple - yet doesn't feel cliched since the designer incorporated so many fresh types of foliage and used modern ways with hardscape. Design by AJ Shepard of Ca. Read more Asian landscape design tips here:

Asian Landscaping Dos & Dont's - Landscaping Network

These Encore Azaleas keep the color going in your Asian garden with a repeat bloom in fall. Can just imagine this gorgeous color against the autumn color of the Japanese maples. . . heaven! From Encore Azaleas.

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Minimalist, modern, and zen. Get a printable guide to Asian and Japanese garden design at .

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Cute! This rattan wrap gives a chic Asian look to an ordinary handrail. The best part is, you can do this even to an existing rail to amp up the Japanese feeling in the landscape. From Wiz Design via Remodelista.

Architectural Detail: Rattan-Wrapped Handrail: Remodelista

This rolled bamboo screen makes an easy method of hiding garden eyesores or creating smaller garden rooms within a Japanese garden. From Safari Thatch.

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Never seen anything like this lotus-inspired patio. Love the accents of color around the edges. Designed by Lenkin Design.

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An Albuquerque, NM take on a zen garden. Love the granite water feature and flowing grasses. Design by Erin's Gardens of New Mexico.

Erin's Gardens-Portfolio

Not all Japanese gardens feature actual water; many represent water with stones, gravel or sand. The sand in this garden has been raked to look like ripples in a pond.

Japanese Garden Fountain Photos & Ideas - Landscaping Network

Love the way this custom bamboo fence has offset panels for airflow into the garden and a feeling of depth.

Japanese Garden Fencing & Gates - Landscaping Network

This rustic bamboo spout fits in beautifully with the stonework and colors. Design by Paradise Restored Landscaping.

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Berrying bonsai perks up a patio table or deck rail in winter. From Buchholz and Buchholz Nursery in Oregon.

Buchholz & Buchholz Wholesale Nursery

Buddha's belly bamboo makes a strong statement in a pot or in the ground. Love how it's architectural without being rigid.

Natural Modern Gardens - Landscaping Network

Make runoff into a gorgeous feature in the landscape with a rain chain. The gentle trickling sound they make is lovely.

Japanese Garden Decor & Lanterns - Landscaping Network

Great small-space fountain solution from the Potted store. The bamboo spout would look great paired with a streamlined black pot.

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The softness of the ferns and ornamental grasses balances the crisp lines of the stonework and pagoda. Design and decor by Aguafina.

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Azaleas and woodland hyacinth put on a gorgeous spring show in this Asian-inspired woodland garden. Photo by Maureen Gilmer.

Shade Shrubs and Bushes - Landscaping Network

These modular lattice screens could easily fit into a Japanese garden theme. Choose a type of wood local to your region for an authentic touch (Japanese garden design is noted for using regionally-sourced materials). Modular screens from LatticeStix.

Modern Lattice Screens - Landscaping Network

This stone water basin puts me in a meditative mood. Love how the little bamboo dipper invites interaction! From Aguafina.

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Pebble mosaic is an art I'd love to see more of. This exquisitely detailed lotus-shaped patio brings to mind tropical Asian destinations. Designed and installed by Jeffrey Bale Garden Design.

Jeffrey Bale's World of Gardens

When the elements of a landscape are simple like this, it takes so much care to get it just right. I love the considered placement of the rocks in this garden. Design by Oasis Gardens of Austin, TX.

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